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Cylinder Testing

B.O.I Gas - Northland Cylinder Services (Issued with Accreditation #771) is an IANZ certified Gas Cylinder Pressure Testing Laboratory complying with the Conformance Standard NZS IS O/IEC 17025:2005.

Our laboratory is certified to perform tests on the following gas cylinders with water capacities from 0.5 litres to 200 litres:

Industrial High Pressure Seamless Cylinders

Carbon Dioxide, Nitrogen, Argon, CNG, Helium and Compressed air

Breathing Air

SCUBA (metal cylinders)
SCBA (excluding FRP)

Low Pressure Welded Cylinders

Portable LPG - Externally valved cylinders (including stainless steel)
Portable LPG - Internally valved cylinders ("Primus" type) – Visual only
Refrigerant gases which have been purged prior to entry into the test station


LPG (excluding stainless steel)
The following tests are in accordance with the Code of Practice for Periodic Testing of Compressed Gas Cylinders to AS 2337.1:2004 and AS 2337.3:2006 and OSH & LTSA approved procedures for stainless steel cylinders:

Mass check (4 kg to 150 kg)
External examination
Internal examination
Hydrostatic stretch and Proof pressure tests using the Non-water jacket method for pressures of 1.2 MPa to 6.0 MPa and 12MPa to 60 MPa

We are also the only SCUBA cylinder-testing business to individually identify every SCUBA cylinder we test. This means we are able to track the testing history and ownership of every cylinder that enters and leaves our laboratory. This reduces the confusion of ownership and test history while also ensuring cylinders are returned to their rightful owners for borrowed and, in worst case scenarios, stolen cylinders.

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